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the hermit tells that you are taking a break from everyday life to draw your energy and attention inward. to find the answers you seek, deep within your soul...


for all lodging inquiries, we recommend that you book through redwoods in yosemite.

all redwoods in yosemite cabins are inside yosemite national park, conveniently about 4.5 miles inside the south gate on highway 41/the wawona road in the charming town of wawona.

wawona is a thriving and intimate hidden gem just miles from the interior of the park, where we will be holding our ceremony.

there are plenty of options through
redwoods in yosemite to fit your needs; please be sure to ask that they apply a 20% discount (or a third night free of charge) that is associated with our wedding block.

the reception will be held in wawona and the staff at redwoods in yosemite will ensure all of our cabins are very close to each other!

alternative options include using
airbnb or vrbo, but unfortunately we are unable to offer the discount if booking through these sites.  cities to search for include wawona, mariposa and oakhurst.


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